A New Classic Gin

Aria Portland Dry Gin is distilled by hand in the heart of Northwest Portland, Oregon. Aria is a classic English inspired gin made using traditional British ingredients and distillation techniques and is true to the London Dry style.

Aria was created by a seventeen-year professional bartender, for bartenders, with cocktails in mind. Aria is a versatile gin which works well in any classic gin cocktail, especially a Martini, or it can be the basis for experimentation and creativity. It is also approachable enough to be enjoyed neat or straight over ice.

The recipe for Aria was developed over the course of four years and hundreds of test distillations. Aria is handmade and batch distilled with ten classic gin botanicals that were carefully chosen to create a flavor profile that has depth and complexity, but above all a perfect sense of balance

Tasting Notes

Aria is full bodied and boldly aromatic. Juniper is up front—obvious on the first nosing and initially on the palate. Underneath the juniper, layers of bright citrus, earthy undertones, floral highlights and subtle spicy notes reveal themselves, both on the nose and palate, though none are overpowering. All of the layers of flavor are balanced. The pristine Bull Run water use to cut Aria after distillation provides a rich, creamy mouthfeel. The finish is long and soft.


The ten ingredients in Aria Gin all contribute to the depth of Aria’s flavor profile. Juniper leads from the nose to the palate, followed by earthy undertones, floral highlights, citrus and spice on the finish.


Each of Aria’s ten ingredients contribute to several dimensions of Aria’s flavor profile, and each layer of the flavor profile is influenced by more than one ingredient.



The Juniper, earthy, citrusy, floral and spicy notes are all balanced—none dominant, but each is obvious. With each sip of Aria, new flavors and layers will reveal themselves.